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As you are making what is most likely the biggest purchase of your life, you really need professional advice. This is what we specialise in. A loan with the lowest rate might look good on paper however it may include charges that are hidden away in the fine print or not offer the options you want. We can give you choice whilst saving you time, effort and money in finding a suitable solution for your situation, and help you avoid taking out a loan that you might later regret.

If you take out a home loan as a result of our credit advice, our service itself to you is free but other external fees may apply. We receive our payment as a commission from the lender that you end up taking the loan with, and this amount is not paid by you either directly or indirectly. With a vehicle or personal loan, there is a small brokerage fee charged that is capitalised onto the loan with the amount disclosed to you.

Yes it is. In fact in a lot of cases we can negotiate better deals as we have access to lenders that are only offered through broker channels. With standard lenders the products and packages we offer are identical to the lenders themselves so you will not be disadvantaged in any way.

Pre-approvals can be useful for clients that want a clearer understanding of their borrowing capacity, especially when they are buying at auction where they cannot include a subject to finance clause. However most pre-approvals don't hold much weight as they are not fully assessed by the lender or the lenders mortgage insurer and are subject to many conditions. If you do require a pre-approval, we will attempt to deal with the lenders that we know offer pre-approvals with more substance than just a computer generated response, so as to give you minimal conditions to meet in having your loan unconditionally approved after your purchase.


There are many variables here as each loan is different in complexity and each lender has their own Service Level Agreements. However generally for a standard loan and where all the documentation is provided, you should allow approximately 1-2 weeks for unconditional approval from when the loan application is submitted. Any requests for further information or valuation hangups can delay the situation. Nevertheless we will be in constant contact with you during the loan process to always keep you informed so that you are aware of what is happening.

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